Frimmer Family Farms

Aquaponic Lettuce

Frimmer Family Farms’ Aquaponic Lettuce

Frimmer Family Farms is your friendly neighborhood urban micro farm.  Nestled in between the row houses of the beautiful Wissahickon neighborhood of Philadelphia, Ben & Rebecca Frimmer are living the small farm dream.

Three years ago we started growing our own food in our apartment dining room, ditching the dining table for gardening containers and a grow light.  After trying some very scientific veggie experiments with soil pots, hydroponics and then aquaponics, we fell in love with aquaponics.  It is just so elegant and simple – feed the fish and they feed the plants.

In 2012 we founded Frimmer Family Farms, LLC in our new house with a south facing yard, popping up a coldframe greenhouse, installing and retrofitting a customized aquaponic permaculture system powered by our Koi fish, and growing our hearts out.  We are currently producing 4 varieties of lettuce and kale, depending on the season.  Everything we grow is organically grown (although we are not yet certified), and no pesticides or herbicides are ever used.  We buy heirloom open pollinated seed, use water as efficiently as possible, and consider our environmental impact with every step.

We’ve also just expanded outside of our greenhouse with a seasonal vertical system that Ben designed.  We’re excited to see how much we can grow in a very tiny space.  The goal is 24 plants with the footprint of just one.  We’ll keep you updated!

Please check out our product page, we are currently accepting new customers.

Growing Up

Spring is here.  We’re grateful for the real, actual springtime conditions we’ve had this year – “April showers, bring May flowers”, right? We just been basking in days in the 60s and 70s and nights in the 40s and 50s.  The lettuce is lovin’ life. With the seasons changing, Ben has decided to get creative … Continue reading