Frimmer Family Farms

Frimmer Family Farms lettuce

Frimmer Family Farms LLC was born in 2012.  Nestled in between the row houses of the beautiful Wissahickon neighborhood of Philadelphia, Ben & Rebecca Frimmer are living the small farm dream.

Four years ago we started growing our own food in our apartment dining room, ditching the dining table for gardening containers and a grow light.  From that first seed, we had planted the beginnings of a whole new kind of lifestyle.

At first, we just grew vegetables in containers.  Then we started to spread our wings and experiment with aeroponics, hydroponics, and aquaponics, all soil free methods of accelerated cultivation.  At first, the results were impressive, but soon after we were longing to stick our hands in the dirt, sift fingers through fresh compost, and tend to our army of worms.  We followed our hearts and transformed our farm space into a vertical farm with raised beds and stacked pots.  Everything we grow is organically grown (although we are not yet certified), and no pesticides or herbicides are ever used.  We consider our environmental impact with every step.



Culture for Kombucha

Culture for Kombucha



Soon we were on our way to a homesteader’s lifestyle, canning our abundant harvests and learning about the benefits of fermented foods.  After struggling with the health impact of various foods and intolerance, Rebecca and Ben were inspired by another homesteader friend to start brewing Kombucha.  Another fermentation project was in the mix, and the Frimmers were hooked on Kombucha.

We are currently working on our new upcoming product, Balanced Brew, a Kombucha that is simple, sweet yet tart, surprisingly low in sugar, and just a little bit effervescent.  We can’t wait to share it with you.


Total Transformation is Possible

Last month Ben and I were walking in the woods, and stopped in our tracks when a black swallowtail butterfly approached and swirled around us.  It finally settled down at the base of a tree, unrolled its feeding tube, and started eating.  Butterflies have always been a sign of spiritual connection for me, especially after stumbling … Continue reading

Growing Up

Spring is here.  We’re grateful for the real, actual springtime conditions we’ve had this year – “April showers, bring May flowers”, right? We just been basking in days in the 60s and 70s and nights in the 40s and 50s.  The lettuce is lovin’ life. With the seasons changing, Ben has decided to get creative … Continue reading