Total Transformation is Possible

Last month Ben and I were walking in the woods, and stopped in our tracks when a black swallowtail butterfly approached and swirled around us.  It finally settled down at the base of a tree, unrolled its feeding tube, and started eating.  Butterflies have always been a sign of spiritual connection for me, especially after stumbling upon a Spotted Admiral Butterfly habitat by accident in Virginia many years ago. I didn’t think much of the encounter until a few days later when I noticed some big fat, funky looking caterpillars on my dill plants at home.  And then some much smaller ones showed themselves in the next few days.  I knew they weren’t monarchs but after a few short minutes on google, realized our garden was cultivating its own black swallowtail butterflies!

caterpillar close up, in the dill


After experiencing the swallowtail in all its glory, and then returning home to find the caterpillars, I was reminded of the reason that I love butterflies so much in the first place.  They remind me that total transformation is possible.  On all levels.  Physical, spiritual, mental.

Reflecting on our farm, and how much we’ve transformed the way we interact with the plants, and the methods by which we grow, we are once again reminded that total transformation is possible.




Frimmer Family Farms, year 1:                                   Frimmer Family Farms, year 2:

hydro farm      vertical farming


It certainly has been a journey, and we’re happy to have our hands back in the compost again.

How have you transformed your garden?  or your relationship with the Earth?