The Frimmers

Ben and Becca Frimmer are a husband and wife farming duo.


Given that we have a small urban farm, we also have jobs!  Ben has been given the gift of a green thumb and is a very talented grower.  He can also be found on campus at Philadelphia University studying hard to be a Physician Assistant.  Rebecca is an entrepreneur and recently left her post as General Manager at Greensgrow Farms in 19125.  She is now working with Kitchen Table Consultants helping small farms and food businesses with their marketing, strategy, and finances, as well as driving the process for launching Frimmer Family Farms’ Kombucha, Balanced Brew.

Ben and Rebecca started homesteading in 2010, an adventure that began with homemade bread and some greens under a shop light.  That snowballed into homemade aquaponic herb planters, swapping the kitchen table for a hydroponic system in the living room, and eating dinners on the floor while discussing sustainable farming systems.  We moved to a house with a south facing yard in 2012 to start working on our homestead dream.  After many ups and downs, we are so happy to have learned so much, and consider it a privilege to be able to grow our own food, make food and drink to enhance our health, and frolic in the garden with the butterflies and bumble bees.

This awesome article in GRID Magazine tells our story.



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